Return from vacation…


In my last post I mentioned that I was going to be away from blogging for a bit as I was going on vacation.

Well after spending the past two weeks touring China, I’m back!

I went on the tour as part of a group.  Thing is, I went by myself and landed in Beijing with no idea what I would be getting myself into.

I’m a fairly sociable guy, and can get along with pretty much anyone.  But here I was half a world away; and I was going to be spending the better part of two weeks with a bunch of strangers.

I’ll admit I really wasn’t sure how it was going to go.

Our group was 41 people.  20 “pairs” – mostly couples (though there were a few people who went with friends or family), and me.


Most of the group was a bit older (largely retirees), so I naturally gravitated towards the group that was closer in age; and they became my “family from China” for most of the trip.  Though as I got to know some of the other people in the group there were a handful of other people who I would like to think became friends.


It was a really interesting microcosm of relationships though; as I had 11 days to meet people, form opinions of them and make connections with some of them.

In some ways 11 days is a short time, but when you’re around each other for approximately 12 hours a day it’s also long enough for personality conflicts to start to show and tempers to start to flare (there was one guy in particular who I would have been happy to leave behind on a number of occasions).


Still, it was a great time.

I was reminded of how much of the world I have yet to see, and how beautiful it can be.  I was reminded that first impressions can be wrong, that even with the people you get along with there will be rough moments, and that humor goes a long way towards making any experience more enjoyable.


In any case, I’m back.  I still don’t have a usable computer at home so it may take a while before blogging gets back to normal, but I’m getting there!


10 thoughts on “Return from vacation…

  1. Welcome back! That’s pretty fantastic that you were able to do something like that. I sent my daughter to Spain last summer but I have yet to set foot on a plane.

    Glad it was fun!

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  2. I’m glad you did the tour, had time to get away from the usual. With organized tours, and with that many people, not everyone will get along. I took a day tour to some of the villages in Provence (blog coming soon), and I tell ya I was pulling my hair and regretting it in the beginning. I am pretty independent and a bit introverted that I enjoy doing things on my own. At the end it turned out okay. Thank God! 🙂

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    • Doing it again I would have preferred a slightly smaller group (41 is a lot), but on the whole I thought it was great. Many different people and personalities, and although there were some conflicts, generally the people were great.

      I saw your latest post with the pictures of the quarry – looked amazing!

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      • Thanks! The quarry was definitely an amazing experience.

        Are there tours that are smaller though? I thought they were always as big as the one you did. I know what you mean by different personalities. But the friendship you’ll make makes up for it. I haven’t done an organized tour from the states to another country but my husband and I did within Spain and it was quite nice. It was only for a week and that was enough lol!

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