Quick Update

Hi there, kind of a quick non-post kind of post here…

For anyone who’s been following for a long time, you probably know that I enjoy writing and posting.  Over the past 4 years I try to hit a target of putting out a post at least every two weeks, and I’ve been pretty consistent in doing that.

Sometimes more, sometimes a bit less, but it’s pretty rare that I go more than 2-3 weeks without posting.

My last post was October 5th, so I’m closing on that three week mark, and it’ll be a little bit until the next one.

I had the brilliant idea to take a course over the summer, which I think didn’t work on very hard until it was almost done (not my finest moment).  So school work has kept me pretty busy the past month.  Then about a week ago my laptop (where I do all my writing and my schoolwork) died.  Thankfully my writing is usually saved to a cloud location, so I haven’t lost anything, but at the moment I have no real way to write.

Couple that with the fact that I’m about to leave on a much needed vacation for a few weeks, and yeah, it’ll be a while yet.

So if you’ve actually noticed the lull, rest assured that I’m not going anywhere.  Well, “I” am, but I’ll be back.  And back writing as soon as I can – because I enjoy it.

I usually have 20+ partially written posts “in the pipeline”, so once I have a working computer again, you’ll hear more from me.

In the meantime, take care!


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