Holding on to Hope

It’s a little after 1am, and I’ve just returned from the movie Interstellar. I should be heading to sleep, but the movie really resonated with me so I feel a need to write.

Without spoiling anything, to me the movie was about hope, love and family.  Central concepts that have carried me through my life, and especially through the past few years.

A while back someone close to me told me that they struggle with a sense of hopelessness. And earlier today one of my readers commented that things like affairs often start when people have lost hope for happiness in their relationships.

I truly can’t understand that. I’ve had my days when it’s hard to find the positive in situations, and when the future looks bleak. But it is always hope, and a belief that tomorrow is a new day where things can always get better that carries me through. Well, that and a healthy dose of stubbornness.

I can be overly analytical at times, but underneath that is a true belief in love. When I started writing it was to try and understand what causes relationships to break down, and why people end up drifting apart or living with unhappy relationships. I’ve identified and written about many common problems, but underneath I still truly don’t understand them.

I know that love isn’t always enough, but WHY isn’t it? Why does anger ever form and resentment build. Why can’t people just love each other? Why is it so hard to work on problems and come to happy solutions together. Why isn’t love enough?

Parents will always love their children unconditionally, and some people say that family will always be family. If that’s true, then why can’t we extend that same unconditional love to our chosen families – our partners.

Vows of marriage seem all too easily broken. But it should be so simple. If we believe in love and cherish one another, that should be enough to allow us to weather the toughest storms. I believe in love, and I always will. I also believe in hope.

The Christmas season is almost here. It is a time for families and a time for love. Earlier this evening I put up the tree with my family, and it was beautiful. Everyone working together and contributing to a common cause, and after we were finished a few peaceful moments when we sat one the couch together with the house being illuminated by only the lights of the tree.

Family is so important, and love is so important. How do we ever let things get in the way? Take time to tell the people closest to you that you love them, and always hold onto Hope.

No matter how dark things may seem, remember that tomorrow is always a new day.


6 thoughts on “Holding on to Hope

    • Thanks Lizzie, glad to see you are still reading. It does frustrate me that relationships are so difficult. On the surface it seems like then should be so simple. If you love each other and can put the other person at the same level as yourself things should “just work”.

      Unfortunately reality isn’t quite so simple.

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      • Yes it does seem that things are rather unecessarily difficult. Maybe people are just more selfish these days and dont think about others before they act. Cheating is the ultimate selfish act, as you said, if you are unhappy, find a way to fix it or leave the relationship- nobody NEEDS to cheat, thats called lack of integrity. I’ ve been a little busy lately but I still read even if I don’t leave a comment. I just finished a post too, you may have missed it.

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      • Integrity? What is this integrity you speak of? Oh yeah, it’s that thing that seems to be lacking in far too many people, kind of like personal accountability.

        I think all people are inherently selfish. After all, everyone is a me before they can be part of a we. But in successful relationships the people have found a way to value each other to a high degree, and always think of how their decisions and actions will affect the other person

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  1. “Family is so important, and love is so important. How do we ever let things get in the way? Take time to tell the people closest to you that you love them, and always hold onto Hope.”

    We checked out Interstellar in IMAX about two weeks ago as well. What was your general opinion? As for me, I enjoy Nolan’s work, because I find his message usually shifts from the general tone of other films. In this film, the theme is rooted in family.

    It is a dark film, which he does purposely with the darker lighting and film score. However, you never lose focus on what drives Matthew’s character. The visuals could have been more superb, because with space travel and Nolan’s budget, I simply imagined a little bit more. Nonetheless, we still enjoyed the film.

    Your quote above reminded of the message in the film. In my opinion, there is no greater thing on earth than the connections we build with others

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    • I’m also a Nolan fan, and I have to say I loved this movie. I found the movie very powerful, and the themes resonated with me.

      Going back to the quote from my post that you provided at the top, I really don’t understand why relationships need to be so hard sometimes. You may get mad at your children sometimes, but that doesn’t make you love them less.

      Why can we let go of things and act selflessly for our biological family, but not our partners?

      I understand anger, hurt and resentment. But I don’t understand people letting these things tear relationships apart.


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