Site Organizing

Messy-pile-of-boxes-on-top-of-a-person is closing on 4 years old!

When I started writing, I don’t think I had any real ideas about where it was going or how long I would be doing this.  But I quickly found I enjoyed it, and it filled a creative niche that was missing in my life.  So here I am, almost 160 posts (or 250k words) later, with no real end in sight.

As my blog has grown in content, it has become increasingly difficult to find any way to keep it organized; and I also find that my older posts tend to get lost.

A few years ago I tried adding a “Quick Links” section to the title bar at the top to try and address this.  And I suppose it may have helped, maybe.  But the Quick Links section has turned into a bit of a maintenance nightmare, where it seems to always be 3-4 months behind in content.


A while back I had a request from a new reader if there were any specific posts that she should read on the site to get a sense of what was all about, and that gave me the idea for adding another page with kind of an overview of what this is about.

I’ve been working on that on and off as time has permitted over the past few months, and I suspect it will change a bit over time.  But as of today, there is a now a Site Synopsis link in the menu at the top.

Any feedback is appreciated, so take a look (it’s essentially a new post) and let me know what you think.




According to the website stats page, has just passed 1000 views!!! Yay!!! Alright, I know that there are many blogs with over 1000 followers (I’m up to 63), but hey, we all start somewhere.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank any readers out there. I started this blog for me, and it has been a way for me to explore my personal philosophies on life and love while giving me an outlet for my passion for writing.

I had no idea if anyone would ever find it, or actually read it. I haven’t really looked into how to expand my readership, so I’m happy to see that some people have actually stumbled across it and stuck around for the ride (though I suppose all 1000 views could be my mom. Hmmm). In any case, for any readers out there I hope you’re enjoying my approach to blogging.

My basic premise when I started was that we all go into relationships because we truly care about the other person, and we want things to last. But over time, problems happen and issues build up.

Long term relationships seem to get a bad rap these days. But I truly believe that although we are all different, the issues couples face are fairly common. And in the vast majority of cases we can get through and continue to be happy together as long as we remember that conflict is normal and is nothing more than an opportunity for improvement.

You may never “fix” the issue, but you can always improve your communication and your understanding and compassion for each other. And at the end of the day, that’s all you can really hope for.

I always welcome any feedback. Whether it’s to hear that you agree, disagree, or just to say hi and let me know that someone out there is listening.