A Christmas Greeting


Ah, the Christmas season is upon us. It’s a time of year that means different things to different people. For some it’s about Santa, and presents under the tree. For others it’s about the birth of Jesus (though probably also about Santa and presents under the tree). And for others it’s simply a time for family, and spending time with people you love.

Oh yeah, and it also tends to be about food. Lots, and lots of food (I’m feeling bloated just thinking about the days to come).

I’ve always loved this time of year. Some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around Christmas. As a child, it was a huge event. My parents would decorate the whole house. It seems like every window had lights, and every room was strung with garland. Christmas cards became a decoration, as yarn was hung in the kitchen with cards over them.

And then there was the tree. Decorating the house was a task largely done by my parents (and if memory serves correctly, primarily my Dad). But the tree? That was a task for the whole family. We each had our own “special ornaments” that we would hang (in fact, I still have an ornament that I made when I was in cub scouts, though in recent years I let my boys hang it for me). But decorating the tree together with Christmas carols playing in the background was always one of my highlights.

In addition to the decorating there was the baking. My parents always hosted a big dinner for Christmas, and looking back it feels like my dad started the baking at least a month in advance. Mind you he had to, as my siblings and I would sneak down to the basement freezer and eat the baking almost as fast as he could make it.

A strange thing happens as you age though. As you transition from child to adult, and then start your own family you find that you develop your own traditions. If you are in a relationship hopefully you are able to build a new tradition by borrowing bits and pieces from both your childhood and that of your partner, while adding in bits and pieces to make your “new tradition” uniquely your own.

My blog has largely been a forum for me to share ideas and philosophies on relationships. And although I focus on spousal/romantic partner relationships, all relationships are important. Christmas is a season of giving, but it’s never been about the presents. Presents are simply symbols showing someone you care about them. It’s really a season of love. So take time this holiday season to show the important people in your life that you care, and that you love them.

For any readers out there, I wish the best for you and your families. Merry Christmas to all…
…and to all a good night.

3 thoughts on “A Christmas Greeting

  1. I genuinely wish you and the family an exceptional celebration this year, leading up to closing out 2014. This season is not about gifts for me either. The time spent in the presence of my loved ones–that is all I need. I am more of a “giver,” than “receiver” in that regard.

    Christmas was a festive time within my childhood home also…cooking, tree decoration, etc. When we have children, we will add bits and pieces here and there, but throw in our interpretation of the season as well.


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