Guys are dumb

This is one of my oldest posts, from a few years back when my readership primarily consisted of my mom and one buddy. But I still think it’s hugely relevant, so I’m reblogging…


Over the past year and a half, I’ve spent what is probably an unhealthy amount of time thinking about relationships and male/female dynamics.  During that time I’ve looked at a number of books and websites dealing with relationships, relationship issues and any other topics that seem like offshoots of this.  Mid-life crisis, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, personality types, adultery, menopause, you name it.

While on websites I try to read comments on sites and in forums.  This feedback portion of the web is of particular interest to me because you get a lot of peoples stories.  Sure, a lot of people use forums as a means of venting (about how terrible their significant other is and how great they are), but there is still a lot of valuable stuff there.  The relative anonymity of the internet allows people to show sides of themselves that they may not normally show.  There…

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5 thoughts on “Guys are dumb

  1. The anonomous nature of blogs is very much why so many people read them and feel confident to comment on them. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all speak as freely as we do in a comment section of a blog(or would that be a complete disaster!?).
    Happy new year!

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    • Happy New Year Natasha,

      I’m torn on whether it would be good or bad. But I actually work pretty hard to be the same exact person in real life as I am online (in terms of speaking freely).

      As I get older and realize the importance of being authentic, I find I have less time and patience for any sort of pretense. Honest and direct doesn’t have to be mean and hurtful. I think there’s way to do it well, and that’s what I strive to find.


    • Indeed, happy new years and welcome back. Posting has been in a bit of a lull, as there have been a bunch of things going on that have taken me away from writing.

      BUT, there’s still a lot of things coming…

      My current issue is I get an idea and start writing, but then before finishing I get another idea and start writing that.

      At the moment it feels like I have about 50 partially written posts, so I really just need to focus and get one actually finished!!!

      Hopefully in the next few days.

      Thanks for commenting!

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      • I always saved your post whenever I am away so yes as what you said there’s some more in the pipeline! Me too actually… though not sure if you have time to check on that haha! I understand whenever you can will be appreciated 🙂 Regards!

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